This is the 2014 Death Race

A Message from Peak Races:

Greetings from Vermont!
I hope planning is going well for the Death Race.  We’re looking forward to a great event. The Death Race is an incredible event that will push you mentally, physically, and emotionally.  This year is the “Year of the Explorer” and we’re as excited about this theme as you are.  We are expecting 300 athletes to start the race and approximately 15% will finish. This means most, if not all, will go home with your tail between your legs.  Many of you will fail but leave in good spirits and many of you will fail and you’ll blame someone else.  This happens to be one of the most challenging aspects to this race.  If you finish it’s all about you and what you accomplished but it’s funny those who don’t finish point the finger and blame someone else.  Please save it.
NOTE:  Race staff reserves the right to remove you from the race at anytime.  It’s rare but on occasion we disqualify athletes who are cheating, physically unable to continue at a reasonable pace, or athletes who are injured.  We’ve actually pulled people from the race just for stupid antics.  Please read carefully and pay attention to all details.  We may or may not respond to your questions.
First Challenge:
Secure an Article.  The majority of you chose the article but some have chosen the penalty.  Athletes who are being penalized will serve their penalty during the race.
Directions to DEATH RACE
Pittsfield, Vermont, USA – Figure it out.
1.     Thursday from 5-9 p.m.– Trailside Inn, 115 Coffeehouse Road, Killington, VT 05751
Our friends at the Pittsfield Original General Store will be doing a “Death Race Survival Dinner” from 5-9 pm on Thursday during registration at theTrailside Inn $15 for all you can eat buffet.
2.      Friday from 6 – 9 a.m. – Riverside Farm – 57 Tweed River Drive, Pittsfield, VT 05762 Directions – Turn east onto Tweed River.  Go to second driveway and make a left.  Parking attendants will be there to tell you where to park.  All athletes who are solo must park at Riverside Farm and leave their car for the entire race.  All athletes must leave their keys and ID card at registration.  We will give this back to you when you quit or finish.  Athletes must turn in a list of everything that is in their backpack.  The inventory should be on a 4 x 6 index card and neatly written.  Anyone who does not turn in an index card will not be able to start the race.
Race Starts – Friday at 9 a.m. SHARP.  You can test this if you’d like.  We had people test this last winter and they were hours behind by the time they got going and in many cases this cost them a skull.
Updates and Photos
Death Racers, friends, fans, and support crews.   We will be posting updates and photos to our Facebook page   You can also follow the social update stream by visiting our web site at

If you are posting to twitter or Instagram include the hashtag #PeakDR in your posts so everyone can see them.

Drop bags & Canopy Tents
Athletes will drop all their gear (table, chair, cooler, food, drinks, etc) at the Riverside Farm.   Do not leave your pack.  Pack must go with you the entire race.  There will be a large tent (20 x 20) for athletes to leave gear.  You are also welcome to set up your own personal canopy tent.  NO CAMPING WILL BE ALLOWED AT RIVERSIDE FARM.
NOTE:     You are not permitted to be at Riverside prior to the race.  Go explore VT
Athletes are able to camp before and after the event at the top of Tweed River Drive.  There is a fire pit, portable toilets, and a small cabin.  Camping is also available at the top of Joe’s mountain.  This will also be a checkpoint. This is one of the best primitive camping sites in the state if you don’t mind a ½ mile hike.  There is a fire pit, incredible views, and a small cabin.  . The Green Mountain National Forest has numerous camping spots off of Upper Michigan Road and a small campground.  The State Parks (Gifford Woods is the closest in Killington) also have great campgrounds.  Support crews are also able to camp during the event at these locations.  Athletes will visit the top of Tweed and the top of Joe’s mountain during the race.  Athletes will also pass the campground on Upper Michigan Road twice during the race.
Parking:  Support crews should bring a bike.  This is your best way to get from point A to point B.  Parking has been an ongoing battle for us.  Death Race support crews cost us $9,200 in parking violations a few years ago.  Last year we had two cars towed but zero fines.  We’re hoping to have zero fines this year as well.  We have a pretty simple parking plan this year.  Athletes who show up with their own vehicle will park at Riverside Farm and your car will not move until you quit or finish.  Athletes who have support crews will also park at Riverside Farm.  Those vehicles will be permitted to come and go but once you leave Riverside Farm you are on your own in regards to parking legally.  If you are parked illegally and you abandon your car there then there is a chance you will be towed.  Retrieving your a car that’s been towed in Rural Vermont can be trickier then being towed in downtown Chicago.  We have a few locations that support crews can watch their athletes but please remember that people who aren’t associated with the Death Race live in town and please don’t block driveways and don’t park illegally.
 Parking for Bordens is at the Yoga studio. DO NOT PARK IN THE ROAD OR BLOCK TRAFFIC.
Gear List:
  • Rope (40 Feet)
  • Tyvek Suit
  • Porcupine Quill
  • 4 Yards of Buckskin
  • Sewing Kit (needle and thread)
  • Tape Measure
  • Knife
  • Compass
  • Handsaw
  • One Adult Diaper
  • $100.00 cash
  • Work Gloves
Note:  These are the only mandatory items you must carry.  Don’t email me and ask if that’s it and tell me that you’ve watched the videos and it seems like you should have more.  Athletes will bring everything from helmets, rope, shovels, saws, knives, splitting mauls, etc.  Whatever you choose to bring or think you’ll need must go with you the entire race.  Athletes are responsible for their own index card and their own gear.  Race staff reserves the right to check your packs at anytime during the race and any athletes who aren’t carrying what they said they were carrying will be assigned a penalty.  Athletes who are caught a second time will be disqualified.  Be very careful and selective when choosing what to bring.  Study what this race is about, envision being trapped in the woods for a week and bring what you think would help you to survive
NOTE:  You should be familiar with dugout canoes, amputation, trapping, fishing, and orienteering.
Race Staff:
We have a handful of people who work very hard on the race and are the key players on the race staff.  We’ll also have a dozen people that spend the entire weekend with us making the event successful.  Lastly, we’ll have up to 50 volunteers doing many small things to make the race successful.  Surprisingly, we are here to give you an adventure.  There will be many times when you want to strangle the volunteer at a certain checkpoint.  Please remember that we are doing this for you.  We are trying to create a unique experience that will challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally and there is no need to take your frustration out on a volunteer.
This is actually important to us.  We don’t want you to die.  We’ll have a few Doctors on site (they may not be at a certain checkpoint but they are around).  They happen to be Vets but in most cases this will do.  We also have EMT’s on site and an ambulance on call.  We will use radios at each checkpoint so that we know where athletes are.  We’ll also use cell phones where we can.  You should be able to take care of minor injuries on your own (carry creams, iodine, bandages, needles, syringes, insulin, adrenaline needles, snake bite kits, bee sting kits, knives, scissors, rope, etc.)  If you do have an emergency please tell another racer and/or tell one of the volunteers and we can get an EMT to you.  We reserve the right to pull you from the race at any point due to your condition mentally or physically.  A few years ago we had a close friend go down in the woods with a head injury. Luckily another athlete stayed with her while a third athlete went for help.  This injury could have been very serious and we may not have known.  Because of the nature of the event we ask that you look out for each other and help us with safety.
The Course:
Three people on the planet know the entire race and a few others are familiar with the challenges you will face but they don’t know exactly how the year of the EXPLORER will play out.   The course has been determined and the challenges have been determined. We’re not sure how long it will take so don’t ask.  You will move through the course, one challenge at a time.  You must complete each challenge before moving onto the next.  It’s important that you check in with volunteers when you arrive and check in with volunteers once your challenge is completed.  There are challenges that don’t take long, there are others that take 2-5 hours, and at one point you will be gone for 12 – 15 hours.  Carry lots of food and drinks when you leave Riverside.  You have no idea how long you are going to be gone.  Please be responsible.
The outposts will serve as checkpoints.  Race staff, volunteers, support crews may be at these outposts.  There are times when you’ll check in and immediately leave and other times where you’ll have a challenge to complete before you leave.  You will receive a map for each checkpoint.
Course Markings:
Limited.  We’re not going to hold your hand in this race.  You don’t have to come and tell us that you got lost.  We will just assume you will get lost.  With that being said there will be markings in a few key areas to be sure that you get where you are going.  The markings we will use are ribbons hanging from trees.  There will be no night markings so please have a good light.  I suggest you team with someone at night.
Land and Permits:
We have changed the course this year.  Those of you who have been with us before have travelled on private trails and our checkpoints have been on private land.  You’ll recognize many of the same checkpoints but we’ve added a few very interesting challenges and one in particular will be in the National Forest.  Please be respectful to land owners, homeowners, and the Government.
I’m sure the majority of you have your lodging plans taken care of but if you don’t, it’s not too late.  Call now for affordable rooms (dorm style) or double occupancy rooms at our Trailside Inn Facility.  The Trailside is completely remodeled and has race discount for rooms.  Mention PEAK AND ASK FOR ANN OR JOSH.  802-422-8800.  Trailside address is 115 Coffee House RD, Killington Town – just 4.5 miles from Pittsfield. 
No fires at Riverside or Bordens. We use private property and we have designated fire areas and we use National Forest land who also has designated fire areas.  Please don’t start a fire in the woods and then leave it unattended.  We’ve had death racers do this before and it could be a horrible situation.
You must cover the entire course without cheating or cutting corners. We’ve had numerous complaints year after year about how people have cheated the course. We’ve had people quit and the reason they quit is because other people were cheating.  Makes no sense to me to train for an event and then quit because someone else is cheating. Facts are that if you get caught cheating you will be disqualified from the race and depending on the nature of the cheating you may be asked never to return.  You aren’t the type of person we want in the race.  We also ask that you don’t litter on the course.  I know this sounds like common sense but we don’t like finding trash in the woods months after the event.  Support crew may give you food and drinks at checkpoints but that’s it.  We can eliminate you from the race if your support crew becomes a burden to us.
Only allowed when race staff says.  Disqualified otherwise.
Support Crew:
Please explain to your support crew the nature of the event.  Every single year we have to deal with support crew people who don’t understand the event.  92.7% of the support crews are incredible people like yourselves and they are very supportive, nice, and fun to be around.  The 7.3% that doesn’t understand is a huge pain in the ASS and to be honest we’d rather not deal with them.  We have a new rule this year.  If your support crew annoys us or causes problems for race staff or volunteers then you will receive a time penalty.  We get hate emails after the race from many of them and it’s really annoying.  Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.  IMPORTANT:  IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR SUPPORT CREW THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE WE WON’T LIKE YOUR SUPPORT CREW.  MY SUGGESTION IS TO LEAVE THEM HOME.
We realize this race is very challenging for you, it’s also very challenging to orchestrate.  We don’t want extra headaches from support crews.  We are concerned with putting on a challenging event and giving you a good experience but we can’t hold your hand and we definetly can’t hold holds with your support crew throughout the event.
Support Crew (Food & Supplies):
The General Store will have almost all the food and supplies that you would need to get through the weekend.  They will have extended hours for Death Race weekend and they have a great menu.  Anyone who needs more should visit Rochester (9 miles north) or Killington (10 miles south), both on Route 100.  Rutland is 25 miles away and they have Home Depot, Walmart, food chains, hotel chains, etc.
The General Store will also have a satellite at Riverside Farm fromFriday am to Sunday afternoon with beverages, breakfast sandwiches, salads, wraps and burgers and dogs.
Picarello’s Pizza will have extended hours Friday and Saturday and will be open Sunday. They are located on Lower Michigan Road.
General Store will also have Special Death Race weekend hours will be6am-10 pm Friday and SaturdaySunday 6 am-8 pm. #PeakDR

Please respect the land owners and don’t bring them.  Out of respect we’ve been asked not to have dogs on that property.  On the trails you could have dogs as long as they were on a leash.  If you are camping in the National Forest and want your dog that is totally fine but since half of our race is on private property I hope you’ll respect this rule.
We will have portable toilets at many of the checkpoints and at the main venue.  We will also have a toilet or two on upper Tweed River Drive.
We’ll have water so there is no need to bring 20 gallons.
Carry in and Carry out.  Anyone who is littering you will be disqaulified.
We will give you nothing.  Bring what you’ll need in regards to food, bars, gels, etc.
Anyone who finishes the entire course in 24 hours will win $100,000.  Anyone who finishes the entire course in 36 hours will win $50,000.  There will be no other cash prizes.  Skulls will be presented to all finishers.
Cut Off:
SATURDAY @ MIDNIGHT – TOP 100!  Everyone else will be eliminated.
SUNDAY @ 7:30 a.m. – The first 80 to reach the checkpoint will remain in the race.  Everyone else will be eliminated.
We don’t know exactly when the race will end.  My guess is it will be over late Sunday night or early Monday morning.
Best of luck to you!  I hope you have a great experience.  Please don’t hesitate to email with questions.  I may or may not respond depending on whether or not it deserves an answer.  This is the Death Race.

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