X Warrior Challenge

X Warrior Challenge


So in the coming months you’ll be hearing me talk a lot about the X Warrior Challenge (XWC). XWC is a homegrown, Canadian obstacle course race series (stadium, arena, and wilderness) launching right here in Calgary this upcoming August. This race is all about helping others in the community reach new heights in health and fitness (regardless of one’s fitness level), as well as giving back to the community by helping those in need through volunteering and charity. Unsurprisingly, in light of such awesome objectives, there are already tons of volunteers, corporate partners, sponsors, and charities jumping on board.

I’m also excited to say I’ve been asked by my friend Darcy Chalifoux, the man behind XWC, to act as one of the ambassadors for XWC, which means between now and race day, I’ll be blogging here and tweeting (@Psych_Clone) about my training as well as topics related to mental health and mental performance. If you have any interest in these topics, keep an eye out for these posts and tweets. (An official webpage for my psych practice is also in the works and will be launching in the coming months. The odds are good that my blogging here will relocate to that site and this site will be shelved.)

More importantly, I’d encourage you to check out the XWC race webpage, even if you don’t live in Calgary. The idea is that by maximizing the exposure of this race we can get it launched across Canada, thereby maximizing the benefits to the greatest number of people. And of course, if you do live in Calgary, then I’d encourage you to volunteer for the race (a big race/party in the Stampede Grounds? How cool is that?) or just follow along as XWC develops. Thanks gang!

Website: http://xwarriorchallenge.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xwarriorchallenge/
Twitter: @Xwarriorseries


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