Sinister 7 Ultra

July 9-10, 2016 – 100 miles through Crows Nest Pass



[From the Sinister 7 Ultra website]

Be prepared; the Sinister 7 Ultra may be the toughest experience of your life. We do not want to downplay the intensity or severity of this race in any way. You need to be ready through training and planning.

During the race, you will be in some very isolated areas and may not have immediate access to facilities, or assistance of any sort. If you are running solo and cannot complete the 161km in the less than 15 hours, you will be running in the dark. The Sinister 7 is as mentally demanding as it is physically grueling. When you have been running for hours on end, your mind will give you a million reasons to quit – you have to decide that it is more important to finish.

Relay racers can expect to run from 11km to 36km on rugged trail, depending on the leg you chose. Runners on legs 4, 5, 6, and 7 may be running in the dark, depending on how fast you, or how fast your team runs. Each leg is a little different and some will take you far out in the wilderness. We cannot stress enough that you will need to be self sufficient when you are out there and the help you receive on course is very limited.

Both solos and teams have 30 hours to complete the Sinister 7. After that, you will not be able to continue the race. Each leg also has a cutoff time; you must keep up with these times or you will not be able to finish in 30 hours. In addition, you must also start each leg by a specified time or you will not be allowed to continue.


We live and play in Crowsnest Pass so we are constantly reminded that the Sinister 7 Ultra course is truly magnificent. The race combines some of the best trails in the area with viewpoints and scenery that only a few people ever get to enjoy. With 5,687m of elevation gain across the 161km of rugged terrain that makes up the course, this race is not for the weak of heart. We cannot stress enough the fact that this race is incredibly difficult. Be prepared for one of the toughest experiences of your life. Both solo and relay runners alike will find this race challenging.

Crowsnest Pass may be Alberta’s best-kept secret. Located in the southwestern corner of the province, the Pass is nestled into the Rocky Mountains just outside of the Continental Divide. Home to stunning views, abundant wildlife, challenging terrain, and a supportive community, it was only natural to bring the Sinister 7 Ultra to the area.



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