X Warrior Challenge

From the X Warrior Challenge webpage:


Hear the battle cry, Canada.

X Warrior delivers a lifetime experience to come alive again while training for and completing a homegrown, world class Obstacle Course Race. Regain your health, passion and competitive spirit while giving back to the community.

Open to athletes of all abilities, ages and backgrounds, X Warrior invites you to test your grit through a series of unique and challenging obstacles in one of three distinct settings: stadium, arena or wilderness. X Warrior seeks to reveal one’s true human spirit through physically demanding and mentally taxing obstacles. No gimmicks here – just one challenging race.

This isn’t just a battle of strength; it is a battle of spirit. Enlist now – victory can be yours.

As an X Warrior, you have the chance to conquer more than one course type:

  • Stadium // 5km // 20+ stadium inspired obstacles. No mud..all sweat.
  • Arena // 3-5km // 15-20+ unique obstacles. Year Round Racing has arrived.
  • Wildnerness // 5km// 20+ unique obstacles. Mud, Sweat & Tears.