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2012 WTM Event Rules

  1. WTM participants will have 24 hours to complete as many laps of the course as they can. At the 24 hour mark, all competitors must complete the lap they are on. The Individual Winner (one man, one woman) will be the participant has completed the greatest total number of laps in the allotted 24 hours. The team winner (at least 4 team members) will be the team that has completed the greatest total number of laps AS A TEAM (all members must complete all laps) in the allotted 24 hours. The winner(s) must still be on the course at 24 hours (not withdrawn or disqualified). In the event of a tie in total laps, the winner will be whichever participant crosses the finish line of their final lap first. Being in the Pit Area is equivalent to beginning a new lap. If you are in the pit area you will be required to finish an entire lap.
  2. No participants will be allowed to start a new lap after 10:00 AM on Sunday.
  3. If no one wins, that is, if no one makes it through 24 hours of WTM, all prize money will be donated to Wounded Warrior Project.
  4. Only registered participants may participate in the event or attempt any obstacle. Participants CANNOT be joined by any friends or family along the course (this includes the pit area), whether for assistance or companionship. Any participant in violation of this will be disqualified.
  5. Participants CANNOT intentionally hinder the progress of any other participant for any reason. Doing so is grounds for immediate disqualification.
  6. Participants must complete each lap and attempt every obstacle of the course in its entirety. Skipping any obstacles or timing mats throughout the event will result in disqualification. Big Mudder recognizes that certain obstacles may be impossible to complete for some participants, as such, there will be three obstacle types on the course. Each obstacle will be clearly marked as to what type it is. The 3 types of obstacles are:
    • “Must Complete” Obstacles: These obstacles are physically possible for all participants and must be completed in their entirety. Examples include Kiss of Mud, Boa Constrictor, etc.
    • “Must Attempt” Obstacles: These obstacles may not be physically possible for all participants but must still be attempted. The obstacle will have a built-in penalty for those that fail to complete it. Examples include Funky Monkey, Ball Shrinker, etc. (failure of obstacle results in full submersion in water).
    • “Opt Out” Obstacles. These obstacles will feature alternatives for those that cannot physically complete them. Examples include Berlin Walls, Everest, etc. Note that the alternative options will be significantly more challenging than the obstacle itself, e.g. an additional Arctic Enema, a one-mile out and back run, etc.
  7. Participants CANNOT receive outside assistance, except from other participants or from designated race staff. Such assistance includes physical help along the course, receipt of any item (food, clothing, etc.) or any other action deemed unfair by race officials.
  8. Participants must keep all personal items within their designated space in the pit area. Failing to observe this rule will result in disqualification.
  9. Participants may only enter the pit area after completing a full lap. Participants entering the pit area at any other time for any reason will be disqualified.
  10. All participants must wear timing chip and race bib at all times. Participants losing or damaging their timing chip or race number must get a new one from the scoring tent upon completion of a lap or from a TMHQ Official located on the course.
  11. Between the hours of 4:30 PM on November 17 and 7:30 AM on November 18, all participants must wear a headlamp and a safety strobe light. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  12. Participants are strongly recommended to bring backups of each item on the required gear list. *If your headlamp breaks for any reason you are responsible for flagging down a Tough Mudder official and are required to begin the next lap with working equipment.
  13. All participants must stop at the Medical check point at the Start Area to have their vitals checked following each lap before they begin their next lap. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  14. Race medical officials may require any participant to submit to a medical check at any time throughout the event. If the medical official determines a participant is unfit to continue competition, the participant shall be removed from the event. The medical official’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.
  15. Tough Mudder reserves the right to close any obstacle for any length of time for any reason without regard for such closure’s impact upon the event’s competitiveness.
  16. A course sweep will be performed at 2:00 PM Sunday, November 18th.
  17. Participants must be willing to submit to urine testing before, during and after the event.
  18. Any and all disputes will be settled by Tough Mudder officials, whose decisions are final.

Pit-Area Rules

  • The pit area is a PARTICIPANT ONLY place for resting and storing any food, nutritional items or dry clothing. Friends and Family are NOT permitted in the pit area once the event begins Saturday, November 17th.
  • All items must be brought in to the pit area before the beginning of the event. Once the event begins no additional items will be allowed into the Pit Area.
  • Participants may stop in the pit area as many times as needed however, participants may only enter the pit area after completing a lap.
  • Participants who enter the pit area MUST exit the pit area at the designated exit on the opposite end of the entrance. Hopping the wall to exit the pit area rather than exiting through the appropriate end of the pit will result in disqualification. There will be a timing mat at both entry and exit to ensure this.
  • Tough Mudder will have microwaves, water and some basic nutrition (Clif bars, etc.) available within the Pit Area.
  • Participants may not bring generators or any heaters into the pit area. Race officials have authority to remove anything deemed unsafe or unfair from the pit. Items confiscated will be returned upon event completion.

The 2011 inaugural World’s Toughest Mudder: Facts

  • Total Number of 2010-2011 Tough Mudder Participants: 157,000
  • Total Eligible Qualifiers: 7,850
  • Total WTM Participants: 1004
  • Total Number of Participants Still on the Course after 24 Hours: 103
  • Total Number of Obstacles: 40
  • Number of New Obstacles Debuted: 9
  • Tallest Obstacle: Massive Turd – 40 Feet Tall
  • Longest Obstacle: Mud Mile – ¼ Mile
  • Length of 1-lap of Course: Approximately 8 Miles
  • Lowest Temperature recorded in the 24-Hour Period: 23⁰ Fahrenheit (-5⁰ Celsius)
  • Highest Temperature in the 24-Hour Period: 42⁰ Fahrenheit (5⁰ Celsius)
  • Average Water Temperatures: 32⁰-40⁰ (Participants broke ice on ponds in the early hours of the morning!)

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