CDR 2013 Results

Results: White, Caelin (Winnipeg Canada)

Leg 1: 02:01:53 (Denard)

Leg 2: 03:44:45 (Flood Mountain); 05:56:33 (Grand Mountain); 07:24:38 (Town)

Leg 3: 10:24:19 (Duck Pond)

Leg 4: 13:51:26 (Mount Hamel); 15:51:20 (Ambler Loop); 18:24:36 (Hell’s Gate Road)

Leg 5: 20:27:41 (Hell’s Gate); 22:50:17 (Finish)




Pre-race briefing – Race day eve



Tying my prayer flag to the string they place at the summit of Mount Hamel.

Pre-race.03 Pre-race.01Ready to rock and roll. I have no idea what’s about to hit me.



Leg 1

CDR.start.03I’m two rows back in the bright orange. The dude with the mullet in red the front row is your winner. 12 hours, 31 minutes. Seriously superhuman performance.

CDR.start.02 CDR.start.01




Leg 2 – Flood Mountain and Slugfest

CDR.terrain.Leg02.Flood.01CDR.terrain.Leg02.Flood.02The calm before the storm….

CDR.Leg02.01 CDR.Leg02.02CDR.terrain.Leg02.Hail.01


CDR.terrain.Leg02.Hail.02Worst hailstorm I’ve ever experienced. My windbreaker probably saved my life. Many racers went hypothermic.

CDR.terrain.Leg02.Hail.03 CDR.terrain.Leg02.02 CDR.terrain.Leg02.03 CDR.terrain.Leg02.05 CDR.terrain.Leg02.06

CDR.terrain.Leg02.Flood.03The treacherous run down Flood Mountain

Leg 3 – no pics (sorry…it’s a boring run down a logging road)

Leg 4 – Mount Hamel Assault
CDR.Leg04.01Flags – You carry these to prove you completed the full ridge at the summit.

CDR.Leg04.02 Hamel.01Mount Hamel summit

CDR.Leg04.03 Leg 5 – Final burn through Hell’s Gate and to the finish.


Segment 4:5.01Arriving at the end of leg 4. Time for some fuel.

Segment 4:5.03.cleanedGot my death coin ready for delivery.

Segment 4:5.05.cleanedThat tiny point of light in the tree line is my head lamp as I head into the mountains for the final leg.



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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to quickly share a fundraiser for a friend of mine, Uliana Nevzorova. On June 25, 2017, Uliana, along with thousands of other cyclists will ride to raise awareness of mental illness in Canada, as well as raising $1,700,000 for mental health programs and services. Uliana is personally trying to raise $1000. If you’d like to place a donation toward this worthy cause, please visit Uliana’s fundraising page on Facebook here.

Good luck Uliana!


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